Day 42: Recap of a Weekend in Oman

Words can’t describe Oman, but pictures don’t quite do it justice either. From the fortresses overlooking the coast to the vast desert dunes, the country possessed multiple awing landscapes! I wish I could spend more time hiking and camping in the rural areas where it felt like the desert and mountains went forever in every […]

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Day 26: Getting a Rhythm

First, I have some cool pictures to share so check them out! Today, I went to an incredible Yemeni restaurant and had chicken and beef Kabsa– a rice dish you eat with your hands. For ~35 riyals ($10), I had about 3meals worth of rice, meat, hummus, bread, and a few other soup-like dishes that were […]

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Day 16: Doing cool things

I’ve been lucky enough to meet more new people and attend events in Doha the past few days. I’ve had food from a Bahraini restaurant and a lot of good hummus. The shwarma here is incredible too! Last week I attended a lecture on US-Saudi relationships at Georgetown’s campus. It’s always neat to hear the […]

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Day 6: Where am I

I saw a TGI-Friday’s at the mall the other day. For a second I thought I was in Scranton as I ate my halal burger and fries (edit: I ate at Shake Shack that day, Not TGIF’s). If you disregard the Arabic and dress of abayas and thobes, Qatar feels pretty natural.  The culture- what […]

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Day 1 in Doha

              LuLu market was on the list for today. Can you name the brand in the photo? Also notice how expensive liquid detergent is here. I got all the essentials, as I’m waiting for a possible move into a new apartment with a kitchen! Zehni (who picked me up […]

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