Day 16: Doing cool things

I’ve been lucky enough to meet more new people and attend events in Doha the past few days. I’ve had food from a Bahraini restaurant and a lot of good hummus. The shwarma here is incredible too!

Last week I attended a lecture on US-Saudi relationships at Georgetown’s campus. It’s always neat to hear the rhetoric used and the perspectives presented when the talk is held in the Middle East and America. A week tomorrow they are bringing in a Harvard professor to discuss the ME’s technological history. As per usual here, the dinner receptions are delicious so I’ll stick around for it!

This past weekend CMU held a hackathon (24hours straight of coding to make a mobile app) so everyone was tied down with that. I half heartedly participated, mainly for the good food they gave us!

My one course, Islam in the US, has been interesting so far. I’ve learned a bit more about the Muslim experience in America from post WWII to today and I’ve had discussions with students and professors from all different backgrounds. Pakistanis, Indians, Saudis, they all have unique experiences and many of the students here have lived all over the world. I’m happy I’m getting out of Pennsylvania for a few months!

Next weekend I’ll be attending the Doha masters golf tournament- almost on the same level as Augusta! There should be some good European tour and PGA tour pros, so it’ll be exciting. 

I’m still working on getting to the desert to ride a camel, go on the dunes, and work on my tan. Also, scuba diving lessons are planned so hopefully I’ll be certified soon!  

I hope everyone is staying safe in the bad weather back home! It’s been high 70’s here, so I’m struggling too! We’ve had awful fog some nights- on Tuesday our taxi driver couldn’t see 5ft ahead of him and was still going 45mph so that was a new experience for me. 

Have a great week everyone, I’m already one day in- 4 more days to the weekend!


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