JFK – Paris – Doha

Waiting here at the airport…

Today kind of snuck up on me, but I managed to get here in one piece with 100lbs of luggage. I’m incredibly excited, yet nervous for the next few months. A HUGE thank you to Mom and Dad for all their help and support and love (and screaming at me to get packed!). I love you guys and I’ll miss you! Maybe I’ll develop a little better sense of urgency in Paris or Doha!

A few quick facts about Qatar:

-Highest GDP/capita in the world

-Muslim country w/ Arabic as 1st language, although English is common

-No alcohol or pork consumption (Non-muslims are allowed, but I plan on going a few months without either)

Education City (where I am studying) houses multiple universities, including Cornell, CMU, Georgetown, VCU, Northwestern, and Texas A&M. I’ll be taking 2 engineering courses at A&M, which is next to CMU’s campus. Together with a few other universities they make up one large “campus.”


Temperature in NYC: 37*F

Temperature in Paris: 44*F

Temperature in Doha: 75*F


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