Day 115: School is done!

Khalas. I just finished my last final, at 8AM on a Sunday morning! Only 3 days left in Doha… The next few days will include graduation festivities- I’ll be helping lead the procession as the American flag holder. We have a fishing charter planned for 5AM Tuesday- best fishing time! In Qatari fashion, I’ll spend a […]

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Day 89: IMPAQT Recap

For those of you who don’t know, IMPAQT was the main reason behind my study abroad experience in Doha this semester. It is a year+ commitment to a team of 10 students and includes a Spring Break trip to our CMU campus is Qatar. At our CMU-Qatar campus, another group of students accomplishes the same […]

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Day 78: Happy Easter!

Wanting to wish everyone a Happy Easter back home! I’m sure missing the family lunch at Grandma and Grandpa’s! I actually had 3 classes today, including a 3 hour engineering lab. Not quite a normal holiday, but this hasn’t been a normal semester either! I spent the better part of Good Friday at the Church […]

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Day 77: A Recap of Italy

After my Greek experience, I flew out of Athens and into Rome! I met the family at the airport a few minutes after I landed. Luckily Mom, Dad, Kevin (my older brother), and Joey (my younger brother) all were able to make it to Europe for a week to visit! Unfortunately for them, the time change […]

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Day 68: Greece!

After Turkey I went to Italy, via Greece! I had a 28hr layover in Athens, so I spent the night in the city and visited a few places. Athens was far and away my favorite place to visit, and I’m quite upset I only had a short time there. I can’t wait to return to […]

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Day 67: Turkey: Part 2

I apologize for the delay- my Mac’s hard drive decided to break and I’ve been without a working computer since the back-end of Spring Break. I’m hoping to recover most of my data and pictures, but I’m using a computer from CMU for the time being. I apologize for the limited photos, I hope to have […]

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